We have relocated our Factory to AUSTRALIA.  ORDERS are welcome.  
 Thank you.  Eddie DeYoung for the team.
QUALITY,  RELIABILITY, SUITABILITY and VALUE takes precedence over all other factors!
On CHRISTMAS DAY 2016 we changed our name from ALOHA RADIO to ARCOM RESEARCH.  
The change was made to better project our activities .  We have experienced rapid growth, and have 'outgrown' the old name.  You will see the letters "A R" in Morse-code in our new logo.  This was added to indicate our heritage.  
FROM Mid-2017, our factory began operating from AUSTRALIA.  
Same products, same pricing
Our heritage began in 1955, when the founder became interested in short-wave radio and obtained his novice amateur radio license (KN5COU) and citizen band license (10Q2078). Went in the US Air Force as an airborn nav-eqpt specialist, earned his amateur-extra class and Commerecial radio licenses, then got an electronic engineering degree.
He is still active today as NH7AA - VK4AN - 3D2A.  [ Hawaii USA, Australia, Fiji ]

Our team experience spans over 50-years of management, servicing, manufacturing, quality assurance, R&D and the commercial, government, military and hobbiest fields.  

Our team was formed after holding many 'coffee meetings'.  We decided to do something 'useful' and put our combined professional experiences together to create some high-quality, affordable, niche-market products, for radio communicators. 

For many reasons it was decided to relocate to Australia [none were political!].

Our motto:
QUALITY,  RELIABILITY, SUITABILITY and VALUE takes precedence over all other factors!